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John Thomas McJunkins, Sr., President

Corporate Computing, Inc.

In the vigorous, expanding and vital business economy, and political environment, of Ouachita Parish, and particularly, the city of Monroe, Louisiana, the name Tommy McJunkins is widely known and respected for each of the three careers he has chosen, which are, in order of their undertaking:

1.       Business Development through Leadership

2.       Family man as Husband and Father

3.       Political Activism via Elected Service

1. Business Development and Leadership

The Early Years:  Tommy began his ascent in the career of business in earnest in 1975 with his merit selection and appointment to the District Management Team for Goodyear Tire & Rubber.  As District Inside Sales Manager Tommy’s vision for an “Inside Sales Concept,” together with his leadership, carried his newly formed team beyond the $300 million dollar sales mark in the first 12 months of operation.  It was here that Tommy developed his appreciation for vision, leadership and planning as primary management tools.  He learned the value of leading by example.  His personal sales figures, innovative thinking and dedication to work served to inspire his entire team in the successful creation of a complete new division for Goodyear Tire & Rubber.

McJunkins Enterprises, Inc.:  In 1980 Tommy’s vision spurred him to acquire a then faltering retail and wholesale tire operation, and use it as a platform to go into business for himself, now as McJunkins Enterprises, Inc, dba McJunkins Tire Center.  Building on the management skills he developed in the previous 5 years, within the second year after acquisition the annual sales exploded past the $1.5 million mark, expanding the original outlet into a chain of three.   With the rapid expansion, Tommy’s vision for the future of McJunkins Enterprises included complete state-of-the-art computerization.  When he identified a vacuum in the local market sourcing for the computer hardware, software and know-how his company required, Tommy drew on his natural affinity for technology and created Corporate Computing, Inc.

Corporate Computing, Inc.:  After five years of solid profitabilty, Tommy sold McJunkins Enterprises and rolled his profits over into Corporate Computing, Inc., which is now his flagship enterprise.  Under his leadership, CC Inc. claimed and still retains the lion’s share of the business, banking and major healthcare computer services in the Monroe area.  Because of the highly technical and sophisticated nature of this market segment, an exceptionally high level of training and expertise is required.  Recognizing this, Tommy demonstrates leadership to his fifteen employees by his continuing personal education. He has earned every technical certification useful to the operation of his enterprises, including:

Novell Certified NetWare Administrator (CNA)
Novell Certified NetWare Engineers (CNE)
Novell Master Certified NetWare Engineer (MCNE)
Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP)
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE/Internet)
Authorized IBM Business Partner:  AS/400
Authorized IBM Business Partner:  RS/6000
SCO UNIX Certified
Lotus Notes Certified Partner
HP Certified Lan Specialist

Tommy’s attitude towards training and education is supported by CC Inc.’s policy of underwriting 100% of it’s employee’s educational undertakings. Due to his leadership, all of his employees hold at least some, if not all,  of the more important certifications for their specialties.  This, together with his attentive management style and work ethic, has led CC Inc. to annual sales marks between 1.5 and 2 million dollars in each of the last 8 consecutive years.  Today CC Inc. prospers as a regional Network Integration Service, dominating their market.  CC Inc.’s multi-platform ancillary services include systems design and consulting; hardware configuration, repair and maintenance; software development, training and application; intranet and Internet corporate solutions; and IBM authorized AS/400 solutions.


2. Family man as Husband and Father

Tommy’s highly successful business and political careers are surpassed only by his accomplishments on the home front.  His wife of 9 years, Patty, the former Patricia Trimble, is also his enthusiastic partner in each of the McJunkins business undertakings.  As well, she is the mother of his son, John, Jr., now 6 years old, and the joy of their home life.  Every Saturday morning is set aside as Father-and-son day, strictly enforced, and richly beneficial to the McJunkins’ home life.  Tommy demonstrates and supports a strong family structure as part of his leadership example to all his employees.  A steady and faithful home life is not only a personal but also an important business tenet of the McJunkins.  Tommy is an avid supporter of and a regular fixture at all his son’s sporting events.


3. Political Activism through Elected Service

Tommy’s reputation as a successful businessman, innovator and solutions provider led almost unavoidably  to a mandate in 1994 for his participation in political service.  His widely know and respected business acumen made Tommy a favorite for an elected position where fiscal responsibility, know-how and innovation were critically important attributes.  Tommy was elected to serve, not only on the Parish-wide (regional) governing body, but as its President.  Tommy supports term limits, but was obligated to continue in service when he was un-opposed in his second term.


Tommy, age 46, was born  April 24th, 1953, in Tampa, Florida.  He moved to Louisiana with his parents in 1964, and has resided there continuously since then.  He is active and in good health.  Outside of business his hobbies include travel and independent study. Married but once, and then to Patricia Sue Trimble of Monroe, Louisiana, in 1989, with whom he resides at the family homeplace in rural Monroe located on Bayou DeSaird:


1427 Finks-Hideaway Road, Monroe, Louisiana 71203

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